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Apr. 2nd, 2008

03:06 pm - Some of the cars from the Triple Crown Event


Here's the #204 GTA car driven by Blake Rosser. It is the former #80 Flying Lizard 996 GT3 RSR of Le Mans and American Le Mans fame.  It was the fastest and best setup car there, putting on a very impressive show.

Its raining Boxsters.  At least in the Boxster Spec Racing (BSR) series in the Orange cup race. Spec series requires all the cars to be set up the same, making for some very competitive racing.

Mar. 31st, 2008

12:25 pm - Post Triple Crown

I returned from the Porsche Owner's Club (POC) Triple Crown event Sunday. What a weekend!   According to POC veterans "this is the new 'signature event' of the POC in that it represents our entire family and what we do on a regular basis" (see this thread on the POC forum). I saw 190 cars entered, 4 wheel to wheel cup races with 30 car fields each, two sets of time trials, the remaining time packed with great seat time, and a couple cars  experiencing exciting "offs" leaving the infamous turn 9 and burying themselves in the dirt berms (contenders for the POC archealogical excursion award).  It was an impressive event, especially considering it was ultimately run solely by volunteers (it still is just a club).  I must also give kudos to the professional group of track/race marshals and safety crews for keeping us out of and rescuing us from trouble.

There were a few cup races this weekend too, which were fairly impressive straight up wheel-to-wheel races between highly modified cars. One of the leading cars in the red group race (the faster group) was none other than a former Flying Lizard Le Mans running GT3 RSR (here's a gallery of the car at Le Mans in Flying Lizard livery).  Another leading car was a nearly 900hp multi-turbo monster GT1 style car built by 911 Design.  This beast rocketed down the front straight (all the power tends to help on the straights) at what seemed like 150, 160 mph.  It proved to be no match for the former Flying Lizard machine when it came to the races. 

One thing I'm noticing as I spend time in the club racing crowd trying to find my way forward is that I'm so clearly a rank newbie without many acquaintances.  The vast majority of the club has probably been doing this for 10 years or more, with a significant number having spend 20, 30 years at this hobby/sport.  I arrive and spend 3 or 4 weekends with them and I'm so clearly a dilettante that they must make an effort to give me the benefit of the doubt. To their credit, they are uniformly warm and engaging, but the basic, repeated questions (and frankly, ignorance) of the newbie will put anyone's patience to the test.

Oh, and I set a personal best lap time.  :)

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Mar. 27th, 2008

06:38 pm - Car in limbo

Retrieved my car from the mechanics' today. Based on their description and my guesswork, a single cylinder's fuel distributor clogged, leaning out that cylinder's mixture. Whether it slowly leaned out or was intermittent I don't know, but the lean conditions allowed the heat to rise (just in that cylinder) enough to burn the exhaust valve. Once the valve burned, it would no longer hold compression (down by 20%) so the temperature fell. So, the damage is done, not much to do now...

Mechanic says to replace a valve requires almost a complete engine teardown, probably running $3,000. What part of "racing" and "Porsches" did I think was cheap?

BTW here's the car in question:

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Mar. 26th, 2008

05:50 pm - Heading to the track with a slightly crippled car

I'm heading up to Willow Springs International Raceway (what the heck makes it international, anyway?) this weekend to participate in the Porsche Owner's Club Triple Crown Event. The event is running on the 1.3 mile road course -- the "Fastest Road in the West". I'll be in the short track series (STS) category, which usually lives over on the slower Streets of Willow Springs course. As such they assume we're not quite ready for the road course (especially since our cars won't necessarily have the recommended safety equipment), and so we'll be tasked to run at 80% instead of the usual 95%. I've been on the track before with Speedventures, so I'm family the the danger presented by the turn 8-9 sequence (turn 9 has probably the highest entry speed of any turn on the track, and  its descending radius with a wall on the outside).

One fly in the ointment, however, is that my car is in the shop and my mechanic (Otto) has informed me that I have a clogged fuel distributor, and driving with that has caused me to burn one of my exhaust valves (due to the resulting lean mixture). The valve apparently has about a 20% compression leak, which is well above the desired 2-4%, so the car stumbles a little a low idle and is a little down on power.  Otto tuned my mixture back up to compensate for the clogged distributor (can't fix the distributor before this weekend as it needs to go to a special company), so I'm good to go for the weekend.

Considering how sparsely  my car's class is represented at the STS events, I may come home with one or two Fastest Time of the Day (FTD) trophies despite the engine trouble.  Oh, and I'll get to hang out with some real desert rats seeing as I'm staying overnight up in Lancaster on Saturday.

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Mar. 3rd, 2008

04:41 pm - Clearly you wandered on to the wrong page.

To occupy you for the split second you're here, check out yet another game developer blog here.  You can then see a more interesting journal by Mr. collabi.